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Find out which airports are close to Aneth Lodge Budget 6 and make your travel arrangements today.

Airports near Aneth Lodge Budget 6

Aneth Lodge Budget 6 offers close proximity to the following airports:

Cortez Municipal Airport

4.3 miles away

Cortez Municipal Airport is located in the city of Cortez, Colorado. It is a public airport that is owned by the City of Cortez and is operated by the Cortez Municipal Airport Commission.

The airport has two runways: runway 10/28 is 5,003 feet long and runway 16/34 is 4,002 feet long. There are also two helipads on the property.

The airport offers a variety of services, including flight training, aircraft rental, charter services, and more. There are also several businesses located on the airport property, including an aviation fuel provider, an aircraft maintenance facility, and a flight school.

In addition to general aviation traffic, the airport also serves as a base for a variety of emergency services, including search and rescue operations and medical transport flights.

Durango-La Plata County

47.1 miles away

Durango is a city in the La Plata County of southwestern Colorado. The city is the county seat and home to over 16,000 people. Durango is the largest city in the Four Corners region and serves as the regional hub for shopping, healthcare, and entertainment. The city is also a popular tourist destination, with attractions like the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Mesa Verde National Park.

Cortez is a city in Montezuma County, Colorado. The city is home to over 8,000 people and is the county seat. Cortez is known for being the gateway to the Mesa Verde National Park. The city is also a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping.

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